Message from the leadership team

"At AIAA, we hope to provide all members with valuable, direct, experiences to help them grow as professionals and individuals. Between introductory projects giving new members immediate, personal, work, to large scale international competitions providing advanced technical and project management experience, and all the social and professional development events along the way, our priority is to satisfy our member's passions and maintain a fast paced, family style, community."

-The AIAA board members


Who's in charge?

Simply put, you are!  This club is special in that any member who is interested in a project, or an event, can come forth and pitch their idea to our leadership team.  If it is within the realm of possibility, your idea can become a reality!  


Career Opportunities

We strive to host plenty of events to get you one step closer to your postgraduate careers.  In the past we have held resume workshops with Raytheon engineers and guest speakers from various engineering related fields.  We also have held multiple technical seminars with topics ranging from MATLAB and RockSim, to our Tech with Tyler workshop which teaches basic software and hardware skills.